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Are you prepared for the New Year yet? While you may be all excited about the coming year and hoping it brings along normalcy don’t forget your SEO. Have you equipped yourself with the most stellar SEO techniques of 2021?

If not yet, then let us introduce them to you. You can ask your SEO agency to help you to implement them to remain at the forefront on Google’s pages.

Top SEO techniques for 2021

1. Optimize for E.A.T

E.A.T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. One of the biggest updates of SEO in 2021 is going to be E.A.T optimization. This means the content that goes up on your page should be written by an author having expertise in that particular field.

2. Click-through rate

Click through rate is simply the number of clicks that register on your site. This technique is used by Google to rank your pages. A page with higher clicks climbs up the rank ladder and vice versa.

SEO services in 2021 need to be efficient than ever before to help websites achieve a high click-through rate.

3. Mobile-first index

A very high percentage of users in the world now use their mobile devices to carry out their searches. And this has led Google to shift its focus to the mobile version of all websites. Hence, it has issued a warning through its mobile-first indexing update to have a mobile version of your site.

You need to make sure that your content is exclusively for mobile and desktop alike. You should also pay attention to the user experience on the mobile version and carry out improvements from time to time.

4. BERT update

By rolling out the BERT update, Google has warned the businessmen to focus on the quality of the content that they publish on their website.

In this update Google pays more attention to the content quality, keywords, user intent, and relevancy of the content. So your focus should be on creating high-quality content that is relevant to the users.

5. The dawn of voice search

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence is the current hot cake in the market. And owing to the prominence of chatbots and AI, voice search is seen as the new SEO trend of 2021.

27% of the population all around the world uses voice search on mobile for their needs. You can optimize your content for voice search by including long-tail keywords, organizing it according to the people’s most spoken language, etc.

6. Snippet rich content

Featured snippets appear on Google’s page even before the first page. Having your content as the featured snippet can be an SEO dream for 2021.

To achieve this dream you have to consider creating longer content that includes the entire related concept, aim for a good Meta description, create an SEO title with your brand name, etc.

7. User experience is the king

User experience optimization is another technique that will hold a lot of importance in 2021. A site that is not user-friendly is neither welcome by users nor by Google. User experience is of utmost importance and hence Google plans to roll out a new user page experience update in 2021.


So it’s time you start paying attention to how to implement these SEO techniques effectively and gain the best results for your site. And for this, your SEO Company needs to be up-to-date with these techniques to help you benefit from them.