Things to think before promoting your business through Paid Advertising

Digital marketing has changed the definition of promoting your business online. It has made things quite easy and smooth only if done properly. There are numerous ways to promote your business online through digital marketing options. Out of all, paid advertising is the most popular and powerful one.

As the name suggests, paid advertising is when you put your money in the advertising to gain traffic on your pages or website. Simply, it is the paid way to fetch attention of online users towards your business and boost your sales.

You set a budget for your online campaign and on the basis of that, it runs all over the internet. It is more of pasting your business posters all over the known platforms with a link that will land users on a particular business page or on your website. Every time that link is clicked by some user, the money or amount gets deducted from your campaign total money.

What to choose- Paid Advertising or Organic advertising?

It may get confusing when it comes to choose a right advertising way to promote your business. Here, we are going to compare paid advertising with organic so that you can choose wisely.

Factor Paid Advertising Organic Advertising
Result/Ad Position The advertisements can appear at the top of every search query. The position of your advertisements depends on the factors such as keywords, ad copy, budget, bid etc.

You can simply pay higher cost per click to be on the top of every page.

The results of organic advertising always appear in the middle of every page.

If your SEO is extremely strong then you end up making at the top of every result query.

Cost This is a paid advertising. You have to invest money on the advertisements that you will publish online.

You get paid traffic.

The traffic in SEO is free.
Pay You pay when your advertisement is clicked online You pay for SEO services and other things included in the package
Easiness You can see and calculate the budget that you have to set. But if you do not have a proper knowledge, you might need professional help. You cannot calculate and do SEO on your own.
Conversion Rate The conversion rate is extremely high with the use of potential keywords and advertisements. The conversion rate varies as per your position. You really have to maintain that top position to get noticed.
Budding Traffic The higher you pay; the more traffic you can fetch. The traffic is continuous as long as you are maintaining your top position on the web.

This never ending debate about paid advertisement over Organic will continue. All you have to see is which platform is best for your business. We suggest that if you have just started promoting your business then you must choose Paid advertising such as pay per click, social media advertisements etc. over organic advertising.

Digital Marketing Company Melbourne is one such platform that can take away all your paid advertisement woes.

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